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May 21, 2023 #BSF

(Districts: Nadia & Malda)

Under the South Bengal Frontier, BSF troops successfully seized 122 bottles of Phensedyl and 22 kg of Ganja from various locations within their jurisdiction along the Indo-Bangladesh International Border. The estimated value of the seized Phensedyl bottles is Rs. 25,048/-. The smugglers were attempting to transport this consignment from India to Bangladesh.

The initial incident occurred on the night of May 21, 2023, around 02:20 hours, near Border Outpost B R C Pur, 86 Battalion. Promptly acting upon information from the BSF intelligence department, the vigilant jawans on duty noticed suspicious activities in their area. They swiftly surrounded the smugglers with the patrol team. Sensing the approaching troops, the smugglers took advantage of the darkness and fled. Following a thorough search of the area, the jawans seized 16 kg of ganja from the spot.

In another incident on the same day, the jawans at Border Outposts Shikarpur, 86 Battalion, and Daulatpur, 115 Battalion, seized 122 bottles of Phensedyl and 6 kg of Ganja within their respective areas of responsibility.

All seized materials have been handed over to the relevant agencies for further legal proceedings.

A spokesperson for the BSF, South Bengal Frontier, expressed satisfaction with the successful operation conducted by the diligent jawans. He emphasized that this achievement showcased the unwavering vigilance of the BSF personnel on duty. He urged the public not to engage in smuggling under any circumstances. In strong words, he emphasized that the jawans would not tolerate any form of smuggling or crime along the border and would spare no effort in apprehending those involved.

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