• Thu. May 30th, 2024

50 Youth in Bishnupur Show the Path to Harmonious Coexistence in Manipur

In pursuance of goal of ensuring inclusive quality education & promote opportunities for underprivileged children of Manipur.

Indian Army in collaboration with National Integrity and Educational Development Organisation (NIEDO), a Kanpur-based educational trust, runs a  boarding coaching facility for 50 students.

Despite the ongoing crisis, all these students are continuing their preparation for NEET 2023 at Bishnupur. A focused endeavour has been put in by way of providing Regular Counseling, Quality Time, Safe Environment and Essential Amenities to aspirants and  disengaging them from stress and trauma, and channelising their mind & efforts in preparation of NEET exam in the wake of current security situation.

The youth of Manipur hailing from various communities continue to stay peacefully with each other. If there is a silver lining to the communal clashes in Manipur, it is in seeing these youth staying together, impervious to the outside world.

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