• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Rebuttal to ‘Manipur Fire Service Personnel Assaulted’ Article in Sangai Express: 22 May 23

The Sangai Express has posted an article dated 22 May 2023 titled ‘Manipur Fire Service Personnel Assaulted’. The article avers that soldiers of the Army beat Manipur Fire Service personnel in New Checkon in Imphal while rushing to combat a fire in the neighbourhood on 22 May. The facts of the incident necessitate a clarification in light of this article.

Troops of the Army were already in the area tackling a mob that had already set fire to some houses in the vicinity, with the clear aim of inflaming communal passions in the state. The Army personnel were preventing the crowd from this disruptive action and had requisitioned the Fire Service to douse the fire. When the Fire Service tenders arrived, they were reluctant to proceed, citing that the crowd was nearby, despite the assurances of the Army that no harm would come to the Fire Service personnel or equipment.

It was under these circumstances that the Army personnel themselves commandeered the Fire Service tender and doused the fire. The action by the Army personnel was most timely and need of the hour. They prevented a larger number of houses from being gutted as also contained the spread of fire to other parts of the town.

The dispassionate and non-partisan judgement of the Army soldiers in this incident is borne out by the fact that none of the Fire Tender personnel or equipment were brought to harm. The raging fire was controlled, preventing it from spreading till the firefighters joined in and doused it.

The Army and Assam Rifles are committed to ensuring the return of peace and harmony in Manipur and are committed to working in unison with all Departments to achieve that aim.

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