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IIT Jodhpur invites applications from Working Professionals for MTech in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur in collaboration with TIH iHub Drishti Foundation, IIT Jodhpur has invited applications for admission to the part-time MTech program in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) for the Semester commencing in session 2023-24. To cater to the immediate requirement of working manpower trained in emerging AR & VR technologies, IIT Jodhpur & TIH iHub Drishti Foundation, IIT Jodhpur offers a part-time MTech. Working professionals with a B.E./ B.Tech./M.Sc./MCA degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for this program. The interested candidates must note that the last date to fill the application form is 10th June 2023. This will be the second batch or cohort of the program offered by the School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, IIT Jodhpur.

The program offers working individuals the opportunity to pursue an MTech in AR-VR Technologies as off-campus students, with limited on-campus immersions of no more than 15 days per semester. The program has a minimum duration of two academic years, where a student needs to fulfil the requirement of 60 credits. The course curriculum will be led by faculty members from various IITs and industry experts. The selection of the candidates will be based on programming and/or written test and/or interview and/or any other criteria deemed suitable by the admission committee. Prior research exposure and/or industry experience in areas related to AR & VR will be considered a plus. More information on eligibility criteria, important dates and other application details can be obtained from https://ihub-drishti.ai/mtecharvr/.

Some of the salient features of this course are as follows:

• The program aims to provide comprehensive understanding, advanced analytical capabilities, and practical research skills to effectively tackle complex challenges in AR & VR systems.

• The program will equip students with knowledge about various tools utilized in the design and modelling of AR & VR applications, enabling them to create immersive experiences.

• The program will foster the capacity to devise technological solutions that cater to the increasing demands of AR & VR systems.

This program will provide strong support in terms of placements and entrepreneurship opportunities, empowering students to pursue successful career paths or venture into entrepreneurial endeavours.

Talking about the importance of this course for the working professionals, Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur, said, “IIT Jodhpur and TIH iHub Drishti Foundation are pleased to invite working professionals to apply for the M.Tech. in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) program. With AR and VR emerging as influential technologies, this innovative program, a first-of-its-kind by IIT Jodhpur, has been developed through collaboration with experts from various scientific fields, including industry professionals. The program aims to provide a comprehensive and experiential learning environment, empowering individuals to design intelligent and immersive systems for diverse applications such as Healthcare, Education, Defence, Marketing, Retail, Engineering, Entertainment & Gaming, Industrial and Manufacturing etc. IIT Jodhpur’s extensive resources and expertise make it an ideal institution to nurture talent in this field, with a focus on artificial intelligence and the future of experiential interfaces.”

Adding to this, Amit Bhardwaj, Course Coordinator, MTech in AR-VR, IIT Jodhpur, said, “Students need to earn 60 credits per the course structure to qualify for the degree over a minimum of 2 years. Lectures will be in an online mode, and students will attend in a synchronous audio-visual mode. Students can interact and ask questions during the lectures. Recorded lectures and teaching materials will be made available online. Grading will be based on continuous assessment components throughout the semester, projects and examinations. The program will Impart in-depth knowledge and analytical and experimental research skills to solve AR & VR systems problems. It will provide knowledge of several tools for designing and modelling AR & VR applications and immersive experiences. The program will help develop the ability to cultivate technological solutions for addressing the growing demands of AR & VR systems.”

Upon completion of the program, students can expect to possess a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in the field of AR/VR technologies. This includes a deep understanding of fundamental concepts related to AR/VR, content creation, and hardware design for AR/VR applications. They will also gain expertise in areas such as game design, medical applications, AR/VR-based training simulators, navigation and tracking in AR/VR, scanning and 3D reconstruction, sensor data fusion, image synthesis, rendering, and animation. The program will enhance their awareness of recent trends in AR/VR systems and develop their ability to analyze and design AR/VR systems effectively.

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