• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Meghalaya’s young MLAs discuss ‘digital connectivity’ & transport infrastructure with German MP

Transport infrastructure and digital connectivity are crucial elements that are vital for the proper functioning of modern societies. Recognizing the need for improved transport and digital connectivity infrastructure in Meghalaya, six young MLAs of Meghalaya engaged in a thoughtful dialogue with German MP, Florian Muller, aiming to bring about development in these two sectors within the state.

Six young MLAs from Meghalaya, including Sports & Youth Affairs Minister Shakliar Warjri, Santa Mary Shylla, Damanbait Lamare, Charles Marngar, Ian Botham Sangma, and Gabriel Wahlang, had a productive discussion on the topics of ‘Digital Connectivity’ and ‘Transport in India,’ specifically focusing on the state of Meghalaya, with Florian Müller, Member of the German Parliamentary of the CDU/ CSU parliamentary group, and Dr. Adrian Haack, Resident Representative to India of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiffung, New Delhi.

Florian Müller, the German MP, highlighted the interdependence between transport infrastructure and digital connectivity, emphasizing that they rely on each other for effective operation. He mentioned that the development of modern transport infrastructure has facilitated faster and more efficient movement of goods and people globally.

Müller emphasized that robust digital connectivity is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of all aspects of transport infrastructure, including transportation management systems, traffic monitoring and control, and communication between drivers and passengers.

During the interactive session, the Meghalaya MLAs expressed their concerns about the inadequate transportation infrastructure within the state. Despite being more than 50 years since attaining statehood, many villages in Meghalaya still lack proper road connectivity.

Meanwhile, Shakliar Warjri acknowledged the significant improvement in road infrastructure within the state over the past five years.

He emphasized that it is crucial for the Meghalaya government to continue investing in these areas to ensure continuous growth and development.

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