• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

German MP Florian Müller visits NESAC learns of Disaster Management & Developmental Initiatives

The German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Party’s Member of Parliament, Florian Müller, as part of his five days’ visit to the State on Tuesday visited the North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) at Nongsder, Umiam-Umroi, Ri Bhoi District.

MP Müller was welcomed by the Director of NESAC, Dr. S. P. Aggarwal, and given a quick tour of the campus of NESAC.

Later, a discussion was held along with the scientists of NESAC in which a detailed discussion on its functioning was held.

The scientists talked about the Disaster Management Support, Flood Early Warning Systems (FLEWS), Forest Fire Monitoring, Landslides and Thunderstorm Nowcasting at NESAC.

In 2009, NESAC initiated Flood Early Warning System for Assam on a pilot basis for Lakhimpur. Presently, it is operationalized for all the districts of Assam. The team from NESAC sends warnings via SMS, emails and broadcastings to the general public.

The MP lauded the efforts put by the team at NESAC in helping general public in combatting natural calamities.

The team of scientists from NESAC discussed about Remote Sensing and GIS and Geosciences. One of the sub divisions, established under Remote Sensing and GIS division of NESAC in the year 2000, provides professional training to state departments dealing with earth sciences applications, such as mineral exploration, engineering geological survey and mapping for tunnels and dams, road network alignment, GNSS Surveying and groundwater exploration.

The team also discussed on the Satellite Communication Applications, which undertake developmental communication programmes in the North Eastern Region (NER) to assist in education, health, social welfare and other developmental activities.

After the discussion session, a quick question and answer session was held between the MP and the team of scientists.

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