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Jun 4, 2023

( District: Nadia)

BSF jawans, operating under the South Bengal Frontier, successfully seized 595 bottles of Phensedyl within their area of responsibility along the Indo-Bangladesh border. The smugglers were attempting to smuggle the bottles from India into Bangladesh. The estimated value of the seized Phensedyl bottles is Rs. 1,34,375/-.

On June 3, 2023, jawans from Border Outpost Govindpara in the 54 Battalion spotted 3 to 4 smugglers making their way towards the international border, utilizing the cover of darkness and a banana plantation.These individuals were carrying plastic bags in an attempt to smuggle across the border. Upon noticing the jawans advancing towards them, aiming to thwart their smuggling attempts, the smugglers quickly fled the scene, taking advantage of the concealment provided by the banana orchard and darkness. During an extensive search of the area, the jawans discovered 595 bottles of Phensedyl, neatly packed in three bags.

The seized items have been handed over to the Custom Office in Banpur for further legal proceedings.

The Commanding Officer of the 54 Battalion expressed satisfaction with the accomplishments of the vigilant BSF jawans. He emphasized that the Border Security Force consistently maintains a watchful presence to prevent smuggling along the border. Furthermore, he highlighted the efficiency of the BSF’s information-gathering team, which closely monitors criminal activities in the border area, providing valuable intelligence to counter smuggling attempts.

( Source: BSF)

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