• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Mega Medical camp organised by Army in Manipur

Amidst urgent need of basic health care disrupted due to ongoing turmoil in Manipur, Indian Army in a joint effort with District Administration and Medical Authorities organised a Mega Medical Camp at the most affected bordering villages and Relief Camps at Oksumbung and Torongloabi on 05 June 2023. The inmates of relief camp and local people of Toronglobi Awang Lekhai, Maham Leikhai, khutekpi, & Oksongbung availed the facilities.

The integrated Medic team of 07 Army doctors, 05 Civic doctors and 05 Specialists Doctors (Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Dental Surgeon and USG) extended free medical consultation,treatment and free medicines were distributed to 929 people for various ailments which included 450 women’s and 235 children.

On a special request received from Kwakta Relief Camp,  the medic team of Army doctors was  despatched to administer necessary medical check ups and Medicinal support to 125 people including 70 women’s & 25 children of relief Camp.

Overall the initiative of Mega Medical Camp has benefited 1054 people including 520 women’s & 260 children from remote areas, Bordering villages and Relief Camps. The Indian Army remains committed to extend all possible support to people of Manipur in this time of crisis.

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