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President of India to Review the Combined Graduation Parade at Air Force Academy on 17 June 2023

A Combined Graduation Parade (CGP) of the 211th Course with full military splendour will be held at Air Force Academy Dundigal, Hyderabad on 17 June 2023 to mark the successful completion of the demanding and challenging Pre-Commissioning Training of Flight Cadets of various branches of the Indian Air Force.

The President would be the Chief Guest and Reviewing Officer (RO) of the CGP. During the parade, which will mark the successful completion of training, ranks on the shoulders of the Flight Cadets are unveiled, representing the award of the President’s Commission. The RO also pins the ‘Wings’ and ‘Brevets’ on the chest of cadets, depending on the branch they are being commissioned into. The ceremony includes the presentation of ‘Wings’ and ‘Brevets’ to officers of the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and cadets from Friendly Foreign Countries, who have been trained by the Air Force.

The Flight Cadet of the Flying Branch standing first in the Order of Merit will be given the privilege of commanding the parade and will be awarded the ‘Sword of Honour’ and the President’s Plaque in recognition of his/her performance. The Flight Cadet standing first in the overall Order of Merit in the Ground Duty branches will also be presented with the President’s Plaque.

The Parade will be followed by an aerobatic display by Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft, Fly-past by the formation of PC-7, aerobatic show by Su-30 and synchronous aerobatic displays by the helicopter display team ‘Sarang’ and the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team.

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