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UK commemorates International Day of Yoga 2023

To mark the International Day of Yoga 2023, the British Deputy High Commission Kolkata, Victoria Memorial Hall, SKAL International Kolkata with support from Novotel jointly hosted a yoga session at Victoria Memorial Hall on Sunday 18 June 2023.

Nick Low, British Deputy High Commissioner to Kolkata, Mr. Samarendra Kumar, Secretary and Curator, Victoria Memorial HallMr. Amin Asghar, President, SKAL International Kolkata and Arjun Kaggallu, GM, Novotel attended the yoga session along with members of SKAL International. Madhusatta Chaudhury, eminent yoga instructor hosted the yoga session for the guest.

The theme of IDY 2023 is ‘One World, One Health’. Yoga is an example of UK-India living bridge that unites our people, communities and countries together. Yoga takes us into the source of happiness and helps spread peace of mind. Many in the UK have already embraced the Indian ideology of yogic life.

We celebrate International Day of Yoga every year by practicing it together with our staff and community. This year, we commemorated the day by inviting travel and tourism professionals from SKAL International Kolkata.


Nick Low, British Deputy High Commissioner to Kolkata who actively participated in the yoga session said: “India and the United Kingdom have much in common. Our living bridge of people-to-people links.  More than two centuries of shared history, strong democracies, countless partnerships and cultural links, and the English language.  And each of our countries wields great soft power.  The global influence of India and the United Kingdom is attractive, compelling and, above all, non-threatening.  Yoga, deeply rooted in spirituality, is at the heart of India’s soft power – perhaps India’s greatest gift amongst many to the world.  The theme of this year’s IDY is ‘One World, One Health’. There is nothing more relevant in our post-pandemic world. Today, it’s been a pleasure to join our partners Victoria Memorial Hall, SKAL International and Novotel in celebrating the force for good that is yoga.”

Samarendra Kumar, Secretary and Curator, Victoria Memorial Hall said: “The gardens and lawns of Victoria Memorial Hall are known for their greenery and environmental impact. We also constantly try to impress upon the people of Kolkata, the value of healthy lifestyles. We have partnered with the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata in promoting YOGA – one of India’s greatest gifts to the world for a healthy life. Keeping that vision in mind, alongside the theme for this year “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” connecting different nations and cultures through healthy living for world peace.”


Amin Asghar, President, SKAL International Kolkata said: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Yoga has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle and important tool for Tourism as “Wellness tourism”. Second year in succession, Skal International Kolkata in association with British Deputy High Commission is celebrating International Day of Yoga. The association of Skal with The British Deputy High Commission has been a wonderful experience and am sure it would be a long lasting one.”

Madhusatta Chaudhury, yoga instructor said: “Yoga isn’t just about practicing few postures, it’s about conscious living.  Just being mindful about our own bodies won’t heal us. We have to practice mindfulness towards our environment. As the Vedas say “Vasudevam Kutumbakam” i.e. the ‘world is one family’. We can only live a healthy life, if we focus on healing the world.”

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