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The queer art exhibition “CanQueer3.0” raises awareness and celebrates aesthetic excellence

Xomonnoy, an organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and advocating for the queer community, has successfully organized the much-anticipated queer art exhibition titled “CanQueer3.0.” Opening on the 24th of June, the exhibition will run until the 29th at the prestigious Guwahati Artist Guild.

Photo: A view of the Exhibition

The primary objective of this groundbreaking exhibition is to generate awareness and understanding about the experiences and artistic expressions of the queer community. The bold and confident visual presentations made by several members of the community have been one of the most appealing aspects of the event. The exhibition has triggered a much-needed conversation about the importance of acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. It has also raised awareness of the struggles these individuals face in their day-to-day lives. The event has been a huge success and has inspired many to stand up for the rights of queer individuals.

Photo: Pari Jit Mahapatra with his painting

Several paintings were displayed at the exhibition, displaying exceptional craftsmanship as well as thought-provoking content. Furthermore, these artworks provide a powerful platform for the queer community to express their perspectives, experiences, and ideas. The artworks reflect the artistic brilliance and creativity of the community.

Photo: A painting by Queen G Talukdar, (invited artist).

The participating artists contributing to the success of “CanQueer3.0” incorporate Rudra Kishor Mandal, Queen G Talukdar (invited artist), Ajay Mahato, Pari Jit Mahapatra, Deepak Chetri, Aneez Saikia, Shinjini Basu, Srijani Chetia, Afrid Ali, Hritidipta Roy, Grishma Sarma, Pulak Jyoti Nath, and Dhananjay Brahma. It is worth noting that a number of these artists are themselves, members of the queer community, further enriching the diversity and authenticity of the exhibition. The work of these artists reflects the intersecting perspectives of gender, sexuality, and culture, which are central to the theme of the exhibition. It is a celebration of the beauty and strength of the queer community and a reminder of the need to continue the fight for their rights.

A heartfelt congratulations is due to the organizers of this momentous event for their extraordinary efforts in creating a platform that not only celebrates artistic expression but also promotes inclusivity and understanding. As the host of CanQueer3.0, Samonnoy has taken a significant step towards fostering a more accepting society and ensuring that the voices and talents of the queer community are recognized and appreciated.

As the exhibition continues to enthral visitors with its stunning displays and thought-provoking artworks, it is anticipated that “CanQueer3.0” will leave a lasting impact on both the art world and society at large, encouraging further dialogue and appreciation for the queer community’s unique contributions.

Photo Courtesy: Utpal Datta

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