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Kamakhya Temple, the holiest Shakti-Peetha in the country, is located in Nilachal Hill in the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. The place has excellent mythological importance in the country. Its significance as a heritage site shouldn’t be missed out either.

Ambubachi Mela, held annually at Kamakhya Temple, is considered the most auspicious religious gathering in the region and state, as millions of devotees and visitors gather on this august occasion. It is also considered as Kumbh Mela of Northeast India.

Voice of Environment (A Scientific and Environmental Research Organization) is working to meet the targets of the Mission Clean Green Assam initiative. In this regard, a mission was launched as a clean and single-use plastic-free premise vision started from Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati. To that end, VoE signed an MOU with Kamakhya (Devalaya) Temple Authority on December 22, 2016.

In continuation to the previous mission, a joint initiative conducted by Voice of Environment in association with Kamakhya Temple Authority to create awareness among Devotees, Visitors, Sadhus, Saints to celebrate a clean, eco-friendly Ambubachi Mela 2023. The drive was conducted at the Temple premises.

Team VoE, led by environmentalist Moharana Choudhury, started the awareness drive on a clean, eco-friendly by addressing the seriousness of ecological aspects & the environmental importance of Nilachal Hills to pilgrims visiting this mega event from across the country and the world. Bhaskar Hazarika & Deboprasad Choudhury managed the signature campaign and interaction with devotees, visitors, Sadhus. They also enlightened the issue of single-use plastic and illustrated how to avoid using it and keep the premises clean, eco-friendly & sustainable healthy environment. An interview and exchange of views on sanitation, cleanliness, health-hygiene and environment-friendly vicinity were torched by Sabita Dutta. Millions of pilgrims, devotees, visitors were present to witness today’s campaign.

The team has also interacted with the other stakeholders and vendors during the campaign and recorded several interviews cum collective consensus to understand the perspective of an eco-friendly environment. It is also noticed that most Devotees,Visitors supported this initiative as cleanliness, beat single-plastic pollution and proper waste disposal aspect in such heritage place. Shri Kabindra Sarma, the head priest (The Doloi) of Kamakhya Temple Authority & Bholanath Sarma, Secretary Ambubachi Mela, 2023, appreciated the campaign initiated by VoE. Jnan Nath Sarma, Secretary Kamakhya Devalaya, also encourages the awareness drive on cleanliness, sanitation, health and hygiene for the eco-friendly & self-reliant environment in temple premises.

VoE is trying to create mass awareness and environmental education regarding the overall cleanliness, sanitation, health & hygiene of Nilachal Hill and surroundings by avoiding using single-waste plastic. VoE also highlights the temple premise, a clean, eco-friendly and plastic-free tourist destination cum heritage site and a rich biodiversity spot to set an example in the country towards sustainability. Furthermore, Despite having millions of gatherings and lots of challenges/ difficulties for such mega events, VoE is working spontaneously to create ‘Mass citizen consciousness’ that will build the habit of sustainable practices to counter the use of plastic items regularly and also will send a strong message about the eco-friendly and cleanliness mission in the region and globe.

VoE also urges all the stockholders, like individuals, civil society, youth clubs & media organizations, to join hands to make this concern successful.

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