• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

In Manipur: police stopped Rahul Gandhi Convoy in Churachandpur District

The Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Convoy was stopped by Manipur police in the Churachandpur District .

Indian National Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge tweeted,”Shri Rahul Gandhi’s convoy in Manipur has been stopped by the police near Bishnupur.He is going there to meet the people suffering in relief camps and to provide a healing touch in the strife-torn state.PM Modi has not bothered to break his silence on Manipur. He has left the state to fend for itself. Now, his double engine disastrous governments are using autocratic methods to stall a compassionate outreach by Shri Rahul Gandhi.This is totally unacceptable and shatters all Constitutional and Democratic norms.Manipur needs peace, NOT confrontation.”

On Thursday morning Congress leader Rahul Gandhi landed in Imphal on his two-day Manipur visit.

Police said that Rahul Gandhi’s convoy was stopped at Bishnupur more than 20 kilometers from Imphal, over security concerns.



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