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Jul 14, 2023 #IAF

The IAF has been fully involved in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the light of current flood situation.In the last 48 hours, a total 40 sorties have been carried out, in which, 126 people have been rescued and 17 tons of relief materials have been distributed in various areas.

In the last 24 hrs, major operations have been carried out towards flood affected areas of Haryana. Villages of Nihara, Allaudin Majra, Bishangarh, Segta, Bhunni, Mumni, Segti and Jansui were provided with relief materials consisting of rations, tarpaulin sheets, fresh food and water bottles by M-17 helicopters.


Airwarriors and all requisite assets such as M-17 and Chinook Helicopters and An-32 and C-130 Transport Aircraft remain on standby to undertake required operations.

Some additional details of the Chandrataal Humanitarian Assistance– Disaster Relief mission

Requisition was received by HQ WAC on 11 July for Humanitarian Disaster Assistance Relief and Casualties Evacuation of stranded personnel from various locations in Himachal Pradesh. One Mi-17 V5 was launched and the aircraft landed at Bhuntar airfield at 1140 hrs.

First priority was of Casualties Evacuation of seven critical personnel stranded at Chandrataal Lake in Barashingri Glacier at elevation of 4.3 Kms.

The Casualties Evacuation was carried out at 1730 hrs on 11 Jul.The pick up zone was in glacier with no landing place and loose snow. Due to sloping terrain, and to ensure wheels don’t sink, the rescue was carried out with one wheel touching on snow and rest two wheels in air. The rescued personnel were received by CM of Himachal Pradesh at Bhuntar. Due to treacherous terrain, no communication with ground, no wind indication and no place to land, the pick up zone was extremely challenging for any kind of landing or winching operations. Because of this being mercy mission and to save civilian lives, one time operation was successfully undertaken.

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