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AMAIRA GULATI – A 9 year-old army kid makes the nation proud

Embarking on the greens at a tender age of five, Amaira Gulati, daughter of a serving Army Officer has ignited a golfing journey that’s turning heads. With an unwavering spirit, she conquers the E category and is poised to redefine excellence.

Nurtured by Passion

From the tender age of three, Gulati’s connection with golf began. The pandemic that swept the globe presented a silver lining – ample time to nurture her love for the sport. Under the guidance of the esteemed Sheeraj Kalra in Lucknow, her journey took wings.

A Gallery of Achievements enclosed here:

Scaling the peak, she commands the first rank in the IGU North Zone Tour, a testament to her prowess.
The US Kids Indian Tour 2022 echoed her name as she clinched victory in five events, securing her spot in the spotlight.
The Albatross International Tour 2022 and the Shubhankar Sharma Invitational Tour 2022 were her playgrounds for triumph.
Notable victories include the Delhi Golf Club Jr Championship, National School Cup, Chandigarh Golf Cup, and DSOI Mhow (Jr. Category) Cup.
Highlighting her stature, she emerged victorious in the US Kids Open Indian Championship 2022.

A Consistent Trailblazer with over 50 tournaments under her belt, 2023 marked a year of consistent victories.
A trailblazer, she excelled in 27 tournaments, a consistent feat that carved her name in the halls of golfing greatness.

The US Kids acknowledged her brilliance, awarding her Priority Status 11, a recognition granted to only a select few for consistent brilliance.

Pinnacle of Achievement

Selected for the Pinehurst US Kids International Junior Golf Championship 2023, she aspires to set new benchmarks.Recognized by GOC-in-C Central Command (2021) and Commandant Army War College (2023), her dedication earned her accolades.
Amrita Gulati’s brilliance opened doors to prestigious global tournaments. Invitations from PGA Golf Club Invitational, European Championship, Australian Masters, and more reinforced her global stature. The US Kids Golf State Invitational added another laurel to her journey.

Amaira Gulati’s journey isn’t just a tale of achievements; it’s a symphony of dedication, perseverance, and triumph. Her young age belies her exceptional talent, and she stands as a beacon of inspiration for young athletes across the nation. With each swing of her club, she’s scripting a legacy that resonates with passion and excellence.

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