• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Sikkim University’s Computational Facility: Pioneering Breakthroughs in Science and Medicine

Sikkim University has unveiled its state-of-the-art Centralised High-Performance Computational Facility at the Department of Physics, revolutionizing research and education. With a dual mission of supporting diverse departmental research and fostering students’ familiarity with modern computing, the facility is poised to transform academia.

Central to this initiative is the creation of an artificially intelligent ‘smart’ nuclear fusion simulator using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. By training physics-informed neural networks on experimental data, the simulator predicts future commercial fusion reactor designs, substantially reducing computational costs.

Quantum computing algorithms are another frontier Sikkim University is boldly exploring. Their new supercomputer acts as a catalyst for developing algorithms both for quantum systems and quantum computers, propelling the university to the forefront of quantum research.

This high-performance computational facility will be used to solve current research problems in the fields of physical and biological sciences as well- particularly to simulate large scale molecular systems and predict their physical and chemical properties through artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Medical breakthroughs also take centre stage. The Network Reconstruction and Analysis (NETRA) Lab, empowered by the supercomputing facility, tackles Alzheimer’s and viral diseases. Through intricate network analysis, researchers unveil disease intricacies, offering insights into potential drug targets for these critical ailments. Furthermore, the lab’s efforts expedite drug discovery by honing in on key network components that underpin diseases. This targeted approach promises to revolutionize medical research and treatment strategies.

The computational facility was inaugurated by Vice- Chancellor Prof. Avinash Khare on 24th August 2023 in the presence of officers, faculty members, staff and students of the University at the Department of Physics located at Gairi Gaon, Tadong.

Department of Mathematics, Sikkim University expands HPC applications horizon with the newly established facility of HPC centre at Sikkim University. The department unveils an ambitious plan to leverage High-Performance Computing (HPC) for breakthroughs in modelling and simulations, data analysis, and AI research. Cutting-edge infrastructure aims to accelerate advancements across diverse disciplines, reaffirming the department’s commitment to pushing computational boundaries.

Sikkim University’s computational facility redefines the boundaries of research, fostering innovation in nuclear fusion, quantum computing, and disease understanding. As they stand on the cusp of scientific advancements, Sikkim University cements its status as a beacon of innovation.

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