• Thu. May 30th, 2024


Assam Rifles, often referred to as “The Sentinels of the Northeast,” have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the welfare of Manipur’s local community. Renowned for their pivotal role in maintaining peace and security in the region, Assam Rifles continue to be at the forefront of initiatives aimed at uplifting the people of Manipur.

Over the years, Assam Rifles has played a crucial role in Manipur, not only in ensuring security but also in actively engaging with local communities, addressing their needs, and fostering development. This dedication to the betterment of society is exemplified in their recent act of kindness towards two deserving students:-

1. Cadet RK Lingelsana, a student in class 6, hailing from Moreh.
2. Cadet Rovinson, a student in class 10, from Phayeng village.

These two bright students faced financial hardships, making it challenging for them to continue their education due to the ongoing violence in Manipur. In a heart warming display of compassion, the Assam Rifles operating under the aegis of IGAR (South), provided financial assistance of Rs 50,000 each to Cadet RK Lingelsana and Cadet Rovinson. This support ensured that these young scholars could pursue their education without interruption, highlighting Assam Rifles’ commitment to empowering the youth. The official distribution of financial support took place on 16 Sep 23 at 10:30 AM at SAINIK School Pangei, and was attended by the school’s Principal, dedicated staff members, parents of the students, and esteemed alumni of SAINIK School Imphal. IGAR (South), conveyed the organization’s best wishes and commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of these talented students. Assam Rifles’ role as “The Sentinels of the Northeast” extends beyond maintaining security, it encompasses a deep-seated dedication to the region’s well-being. Their active engagement with local communities, assistance during times of need, and contributions to education exemplify their multifaceted commitment to the people of Manipur.

This latest act of kindness once again underscores Assam Rifles’ position as an indispensable pillar of support in Manipur and throughout the Northeast. Their enduring dedication to the community reinforces their reputation as the ever-watchful guardians of the region.

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