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Assam Rifles, operating under the Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), organized a Medical Camp in Tuinem village of Ukhrul district on 18 September 2023.

This noble initiative was conducted at the request of village authorities, considering the lack of access to medical facilities in the village, which is situated quite a distance away from the district hospital in Ukhrul.A total of 133 villagers (29 men , 37 women and 67 children) from Tuinem and neighboring villages received medical examinations and essential medications during the camp. Assam Rifles’ unwavering commitment to community well-being was evident in addressing the long-pending need for medical assistance among these villagers.

In Chandel, Manipur Assam Rifles, through its Modi Battalion, exemplified its unwavering commitment to the welfare of the local community by providing timely aid to a snakebite victim in Phunchong village, Chandel District, Manipur.

On the evening of September 17th, 2023, a 48-year-old resident of Phunchong village fell prey to a snakebite from a Chrysopelea snake, commonly known as the flying green snake. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the distressed individual reached out for immediate help from the Assam Rifles Unit Hospital in Modi, Chandel District, at around 1900 hrs.The valiant personnel of the Assam Rifles acted swiftly and decisively providing the victim with immediate administration of anti-snake venom and symptomatic management to stabilize his condition.

Following successful stabilization, the patient was safely transferred to a tertiary hospital for further evaluation and observation.

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