• Tue. May 28th, 2024

International Peace Day celebrated at Royal Global University

International Peace Day was celebrated at The Assam Royal Global University today, by the University Peace Club.

Rev Father Clement Raj Kumar, Former Vice-Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, the Speaker for the day, joined Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) S. P. Singh in disseminating the message of peace, non-violence, and ceasefire.

On the other hand, The Assam Royal Global University inaugurated the Royal Boutique at the Royal School of Fashion Design and Technology in a grand ceremony that was graced by the Chief Guests-Saumar Sharma, a renowned Fashion Designer and founder of Indian Weaver Alliance, and Mithu Boiragi, an accomplished Fashion Designer and founder of White Lily Production Company, marking a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation in the world of fashion. Honourable Chancellor, Dr. A.K. Pansari, who inaugurated the boutique, was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. S.P. Singh, and the Executive Vice President, Mr. Ankur Pansari, other senior officials, staff and students of the university, along with Prashant Ghosh an esteemed figure in the world of fashion design, and Amit Baruah, a renowned Fashion Designer

The primary objective of the Royal Boutique is to serve as a dynamic platform that not only displays the creative excellence of our students but also facilitates their holistic learning experience. Beyond traditional classroom learning, the boutique provides an invaluable practical dimension to our students’ education in various aspects of the fashion industry, such as Merchandising, Customer Interaction, and Retail Management.

Simultaneously, a new Language Laboratory, highlighting the significance of technology in facilitating communication skills and language training, was also inaugurated at The Assam Royal Global University by Prof. Padmini Bhuyan Boruah, Head of the Department of English Language Teaching at Gauhati University. Prof. Baruah emphasized the importance of self-directed learning through technology, focusing on the benefits of interactive platforms for language learning. The occasion was also graced by Prof. (Dr.) M.K.Chaudhuri, Principal Advisor, Royal Global University and Mr. Ankur Pansari, Executive Vice President, RGU.

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