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Northeast Frontier Railway continues to take several measures for improvement of safety

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 23, 2023 #NFR

N.F. Railway undertakes several track renewals works and other track safety measures during the month of August, 2023 so as to maintain proper condition of railway tracks that helps providing a safe and secured train journey to rail passengers with better comfort.

During the month of August, 2023, Through Sleeper Renewal of 27.42 Track Kilometre was done, thus achieving a cumulative progress of 120.27 Track Kilometre. The Through Turnout Renewal of 14 equivalent sets was also done thereby making a cumulative progress of 53.75 sets.

Moreover, 1654.98 kilometres of track have been tested by USFD (Ultra Sonic Flaw Detection) technique during the month of August, 2023. USFD technique is carried out to detect flaws like cracks and timely removal of defective rails for safety reasons. Also, 637.23 kilometres of track tamping has been done during the month of August, 2023 making a cumulative progress of 2910.29 kilometres. Apart from that, 541 signaling batteries of various capacities have been replaced over N. F. Railway during this period.

Maintenance of tracks at regular intervals has resulted in smooth operations of trains and provides better riding experience for railway passengers. The increased emphasis over safety measures for railway track has led to safer running of trains with increased speed and better journey experience.

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