• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Registrations for the Guwahati Half Marathon – Gateway to Unity begins tomorrow 24th September 2023 the event is scheduled for 3rd December 2023

The event will unite the entire community together and add to the city’s cosmopolitan identity. The event is not just about running, but also a celebration of Peace and Prosperity in the State and is supported by the Indian Army and endorsed by the Government of Assam. The event will witness three Race categories – Half Marathon (21.097 km), Open 10K and Guwahati Fun Run (Approx. 5Km). Registrations for all three categories starts tomorrow, Sunday, September 24, 2023, IST 7:00 am onwards.

Notably, the Guwahati Half Marathon marks a significant moment to showcase Indian Army’s commitment to nation building and Assam Governments’ dedication to fostering physical fitness, mental resilience, and the spirit of togetherness.

Speaking at the occasion, Nandita Gorlosa – Minister of Sports & Youth Welfare, Govt. of Assam, said that “the event has been conceptualised to put Assam on the Marathon map of India and showcase our commitment in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while fostering a sense of unity and national pride amongst all of us. She also announced that many events showcasing ‘Assam Shining’ will be conducted every year to epitomise the Govt’s unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of the citizens.”

The World’s single largest coal producer and a ‘Maharatna’ status company, Coal India is the Title sponsor, and this event reflects their commitment to fostering positive change and stands to uphold its motto of “Empowering India, Nurturing Nature, Enabling Life” not just within the Northeast but throughout India. The event witnessed the gracious presence of Smt. Renu Chaturvedi, GM, CSR, Coal India.

The Guwahati Half Marathon will celebrate the different hues of Guwahati — strength, responsibility, pride, unity, passion, and joy — empowering us to transform our lives at every moment, under all circumstances. It is a way to celebrate the oneness of the Northeast – coined as the Ashta Lakshmi.

At Guwahati Half Marathon, there are no limits or boundaries – it’s a gateway to anything the runner wants to make of it. Whether you are an seasoned athlete or a novice runner embarking on your first run, this event welcomes you with open arms. The spirit of Guwahati’s people, hailing from diverse backgrounds, unites in the spirit of celebration, involvement, and positive transformation within the community.

Speaking at the occasion Lieutenant General Rana Pratap Kalita- PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM – General Officer Commanding in Chief, Eastern Command addressed the gathering and said, “the state with its rich natural resources, cultural heritage and strategic location has been emerging as a region with immense potential & growth. The Indian Army wholeheartedly supports the Guwahati Half Marathon to celebrate long lasting civil military co-operation in building a safe, secure and prosperous Assam.” He also lauded contribution of Coal India as title sponsor of the event and playing a very crucial role in enabling the state government and the Indian Army in conceptualising and planning this event. The event would further strengthen the bond between people of Assam and the Indian Army and will catalyse conduct of similar social and youth development projects in the State of Assam.

He also expressed his gratitude to the Chief minister and the Cabinet Minister of Power, Sports and Youth Welfare for being present here and contributing towards this mega event.

Vivek Singh, JT. MD., Procam International said, “Distance Running is the fastest growing sporting activity in our country and it’s exciting to see Guwahati as the next running destination. Our heartiest congratulations to the Indian Army, Government of Assam, and Coal India for taking the initiative in launching this event. I am sure this event will inspire the community to converge together for – health & fitness, philanthropy, and camaraderie.”

The inaugural edition of the Guwahati Half Marathon is executed with precision by Sportiz, a reputed organiser of participative sporting events. They are led by the dynamic duo of Nishant Maheshwari and Shraddha Mehta, both of whom are Marathoners in their own right.

The ‘Amritmoy’ time of Assam is calling and we are ready to take a healthier Assam towards its brilliant future Join us at the Guwahati Half Marathon and experience the power of unity. Together, we mark a different time, and together, we make a profound difference.

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