• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

“Assam down town University’s AI Workshop Explores the Transformative Power of AI in Education”

A successful AI-Teachers Training Workshop, aptly named “Integration of AI in Teaching & Learning,” organized by Assam Downtown University, concluded on October 10, 2023. This event was attended enthusiastically by educators, administrators, and ed-tech enthusiasts, emphasizing the increasing importance of integrating artificial intelligence into the educational process.

Workshop participants explored the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the educational landscape and equip teachers with innovative AI-powered tools, thus reshaping the teaching and learning process.
During the event’s inauguration session, a warm welcome address set the tone for a day filled with engaging and informative sessions. Participants were given a comprehensive overview of the workshop’s objectives and schedule, emphasizing the importance of AI in education. The Vice Chancellor Dr N C Talukdar, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Pranveer Sing, and Dean Academics Dr D K Dey provided their valuable insights into the role that artificial intelligence will play in the future of education. Following the presentation, a Q&A session provided participants with the opportunity to ask these thought leaders questions directly.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this workshop was that it included practical, hands-on exercises. Educators from across the region were given the opportunity to explore cutting-edge AI tools, such as Quillionz and GPT-3.5, which enhance content creation and customization. As part of the hands-on activities, participants gained a deeper understanding of how Quillionz can be used for the creation of questions and were able to experience the versatility of Canva for Education, which allowed them to actively create visuals.

In the realm of language learning and tutoring, the workshop’s sessions unveiled Duolingo’s capabilities, offering a deep dive into the distinctions between its free and premium versions. Practical exercises demonstrated Duolingo’s interactive learning approach, and participants learned how Chegg Study could serve as a valuable resource for homework assistance.

The workshop also discussed assessment and virtual classroom solutions, with educators gaining valuable insight into EdTech assessment tools such as Edmodo. In order to streamline the online assessment process, students learned how to set up their own Edmodo classrooms. The session provided guidance on creating courses within Moodle as a powerful platform for online learning. Dr Utpal Barman and Dr Ankur Pan Saikia played the key role in the workshop.

By hosting this event, Assam down town University demonstrates its dedication to fostering educational innovation. The university continues to empower both educators and learners through the use of cutting-edge AI tools and resources. It is apparent from the successful conclusion of the AI-Teachers Training Workshop that AI is becoming increasingly important for the integration of teaching and learning processes, heralding an exciting future for the educational sector.


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