• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


Troops of Trishakti Corps conducted a daring rescue mission in North Sikkim from 7th to 13th October .

Moving through mountainous terrain with thick jungles and undergrowth in challenging weather, the troops reached the 245 persons stranded in the village of Rabom in North Sikkim. Self contained for operations over long duration, the troops shared food and medical aid with the stranded people. Working 24/7 under inclement weather conditions, the brave soldiers of Indian Army carved a 14.8 km route and rescued 97 workers of Kundan Hydro Power Project and 80-100 locals. The troops have created a helipad in the village, created a safe foot track and continue to assist the stranded people of Rabom, Menshithang and Chubinbin.

The troops had reached Rabom Village on 9th October and provide immediate aid to the 245 civilian stranded there. This includes 191 males,39 females and 15 Children. Out of this 129 persons are of Kundan Hydel power project. Their project Executive head Ashish Kumar Rangda reached Rabom from chungthang on foot track made by the Indian Army troops.

All the personal of the Hydel power project, less six persons, de-inducted through the route creatd by the Indian Army. Balance 116 are locals including two government employees of Animal Husbandry Department. The troops have also created a helipad at Rabom.

Source: Tri Shakti Corps, Indian Army
Report- Pratyusha Mukherjee

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