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A Historic Journey of Camaraderie, Grit and Determination of Naval NCC Cadets

Lachit III Sailing Expedition was flagged off by Major General Gagan Deep, ADG NCC Directorate North Eastern Region from Silghat, Nagaon on November 2, 2023.

The Lachit III Sailing Expedition on Brahmaputra river by NCC cadets of North Eastern Region shall sail from Biswanath to Guwahati over a period of 10 days from 1 November to 10 November 2023.

The cadets continued their arduous journey through the unforgiving riverine conditions coupled with relentless sun and successfully completed their second leg of the 220km long journey down the Brahmaputra river. And as they sailed and pulled the boats through the water, their team work, camaderie and determination to surmount the challenges were in vivid display.

NCC Group Headquarters, Guwahati under the aegis of NCC NER Directorate is organising this event as part of the Most Enterprising Naval Unit – 23 (MENU-23) competition which entails river sailing of boats by NCC Cadets all across India by various NCC Directorates.

The event was flagged off on 1 November by the MLA of Biswanath Constituency from Biswanath Ghat which was also attended by DC, Biswanath, Shmti Neha Yadav,IAS, Rakhi Das, the Anchalik Panchayat President, and the Additional Superintendent of Police, Biswanath. Brigadier Dinar Dighe, Group Commander of NCC Group Headquarters, Guwahati also graced the occasion to guide and oversee all aspects of the event.

The enthusiastic cadets made a halt at Silghat, Nagaon on 1 November on completion of the first leg of the journey where they also interacted with the local populace in the evening and undertook Puneet Sagar Abhiyaan and cleaned the riverfront at Silghat of all waste plastic items and other pollutants. This was a way to convey to all about the menace of plastic pollution in our water bodies and also each citizen’s responsibility towards keeping our surroundings specially our water bodies clean.

This expedition, spanning ten days, is not only an adventure but a homage to the rich heritage of Assam and the fearless spirit of Lachit Borphukan, who defended the land with unparalleled valor.

As the contingent advances from one ghat to the other they also intend to portray their deep understanding of the need of a healthy and clean environment by undertaking cleanship activities and also their responsibility towards the weaker section of the society by visiting orphanages along the way and distributing various general household items as their contribution towards the needy.

Lieutenant Commander Debanand Doley, Commanding Officer of the 48 Assam Naval Unit NCC, leads the expedition, supported by Lieutenant Commander Manoj Joshi, the Deputy Expedition Commander and Safety Officer, Commanding Officer of 49 Naval Unit NCC. The sailing team underwent ten days of rigorous training, including survival drills, to prepare for this challenging journey at Gohpur, Gomari Ghat.

As the sails are unfurled and the journey is already underway, it has became evident that this expedition is not just about adventure, camaraderie, teamwork, overcoming challenges but also about the responsibility to protect and preserve the Brahmaputra, the lifeline of the region.

For the second leg of the expedition, Maj Gen Gagan Deep, Additional Director General, NCC NER Directorate graced the occasion. He interacted with the participating 80 cadets and motivated them to undertake this expedition with the true spirit of adventure and determination. Thereafter, he Flagged Off the expedition for the second leg of the journey from Silghat, Nagaon.

The Lachit III Sailing Expedition represents a tribute to history, a commitment to culture, and the spirit of adventure that runs deep in the hearts of the naval cadets and the people of Assam.

Defence PRO, Tezpur, Lt.Col.Abhishek Banerjee stated this in a press release.

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