• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Andrew Fleming joins as the new British Deputy High Commissioner to East and Northeast India

His Majesty’s Government has appointed Andrew Fleming as the new British Deputy High Commissioner to East and Northeast India. Andrew arrived in Kolkata today on 8 November 2023 and will lead on strengthening UK’s relationship in East & Northeast India.
Before joining UK’s Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, Andrew served as British Deputy High Commissioner to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for five years and then as Officer on Special Temporary Duty in Bengaluru before spending a few months in London where he supported the visit of Indian Vice President, Jagdeep Dhankhar for the King’s Coronation.

His previous work in Hyderabad included promoting business and trade between the UK and the states he worked in, connecting academic institutions interested in research and other partnerships, and with people to identify and amplify ‘living bridge’ links and to understand local issues. He has supported projects on community cohesion and interfaith, countering violence against women, human trafficking, child sexual abuse, fake news and youth empowerment. He is also deeply interested in heritage to the extent he was occasionally invited to lead walks in Hyderabad.

Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner to East and Northeast India said: “I am thrilled to take up my role as British Deputy High Commissioner to East & North East India. I am determined to ensure the UK-India 2030 Roadmap is seen as relevant across all 13 states & the Andaman & Nicobar Islands that the team covers from our Kolkata office. I will seek to establish tangible connections across this fascinating and diverse region that deliver on our shared priorities.”

Andrew originally joined the British Civil Service in 1986 and has held a wide variety of roles in the UK and abroad. He has lived in Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria, but has worked on international policy issues in many parts of the world including South Asia visiting 117 nations to date. Aside from many years working on international migration issues, he has also advised ministers on community cohesion and faith-related policy. He observed elections in Ghana (2008) and Nigeria (2015).

Source: British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata
Report- Pratyusha Mukherjee

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