• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Students of Dibrugarh University organized an Awareness Campaign on Elimination of Violence against Women

In a proactive move towards creating a safer and more informed community the third semester PR students of the Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication organized an awareness campaign on “Elimination of Violence against Women”.

The event took place at the Dibrugarh University Model School, witnessed significant participation and engagement from school students, marking a crucial step in addressing and eradicating gender based violence against women.

The campaign witnessed a gathering of bright minds, with active participation of students from classes 6 to 10, accompanied by the esteemed presence of the school’s principal and dedicated educators.

The campaign commenced with an interactive session with students, followed by featuring a quiz competition that encompasses questions on general knowledge and women empowerment, followed by delivering an informative speech by PR students on the elimination of violence against women. Amidst the campaign’s unfolding chapters, students of Model School contributed to the poignant storytelling by delicately unfurling the pages of their own experiences, adding a deeply personal evocative layer to the discourse on violence.

The campaign reach its conclusion with the distribution of prizes for the first, second and third place winners.

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