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Who is Malti ? Trailer preview

ByUtpal Datta

Nov 15, 2023 #Malti

The ‘Malti’ trailer reveals so much, yet keeps the storyline shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t explicitly unfold the plot, but instead, it drops subtle visual hints. The protagonist appears isolated, her solitude accentuated by glimpses of a presumed male partner—seen briefly in the kitchen and then on the bed. Their body language betrays a lack of chemistry; he sleeps contentedly while a restless unease lingers in her eyes.

As seen in the trailer, in a poignant moment, she anticipates someone at the dining table, leaving us to wonder about the identity of the awaited guest. A shower scene echoes Lady Macbeth, evoking questions about whether she cleanses herself from the aftermath of a crime or a sin. Trailers often unfold out of sequence, and a second viewing unveils a hint of a physically intimate encounter, raising the possibility of another person influencing her guilt or whatever it may be.

The interplay of light and shadow in black and white creates a textured canvas, mirroring the story’s complex tone. Long shots of the lady convey a profound sense of loneliness and emptiness. A self-inflicted slap becomes a powerful symbol of remorse, etching her expressive face with the scars of inner trauma.

It’s hard to believe this lady is named Malti. Malti is an Indian word and it gives a visual image of a female of rural area or working class. But the sophisticated lady of the film in a rich environment does not go with the name Malti. Then who is Malti? Could Malti be another figure, a catalyst for the protagonist’s mental turmoil? This lingering question beckons me to revisit the trailer repeatedly, searching for clues that remain elusive. Patience, it seems, is the only option as I eagerly await the film’s unveiling. The film is written and directed by Mrunal Mestri and Kankana Chakraborty played the lead character in the film.

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