• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Union Minister Pratima Bhowmik rescues more than 200 pilgrims from Tripura at New Delhi Railway Station

Union Minister and Lok Sabha MP of Tripura Pratima Bhowmik rescues more than 200 pilgrims from Tripura are stranded at New Delhi Railway Station on Tuesday.

They embarked on a month-long pilgrimage to Vrindavan from Jagannath Bari Temple, Agartala, intending to board the 11:30 pm train on 27th November .

Despite having confirmed reservation tickets, they couldn’t board the train as it was fully packed, even their coach occupied by other passengers. They remained on platform of New Delhi Railway Station until Tuesday morning, later being shifted to the Railway waiting room.

Union Minister Pratima Bhowmik, who was in Puri at the time, promptly took steps to arrange food and other necessary support for the stranded individuals at Delhi Railway Station.

Despite originally planning to visit Guwahati that night, she canceled her trip and rushed to New Delhi, organizing food and accommodation for the pilgrims and personally interacting with them.

Photo Courtesy: Pratima Bhowmik Face Book page.


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