• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024


The rescue and relief operation by Indian Army which commenced on 13th December  continued till early morning hours of 14th December.

A total of 1217 tourists were evacuated from the forward aread of East Sikkim to an Army Transit Facility. The stranded tourists were provided with medical treatment and comfort, food and shelter.

On 14th December the Indian Army in concert with civil administration ensured that all tourists were evacuated back to Gangtok despite the sleet on the roads which presented a challenge to the entire rescue effort. The soldiers worked tirelessly through the night and morning hours to make this rescue a success.


The tourists expressed their gratitude to the Indian Army for their help and ensuring well being of their families in the hour of criticality.

At the time of writing this report all tourists have been successfully moved out to Gangtok in a safe and healthy condition.

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