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A poignant and nostalgic reunion unfolded as Mukti Joddhas, led by the esteemed Md Momim Ullah Patwary, BP, met with Indian war veterans, evoking cherished memories of the glorious 1971 Liberation War. The rendezvous, held in Fort William, Kolkata, was a heartfelt reflection on the valorous past and enduring camaraderie between India and Bangladesh.

The gathering resonated with sentiments of patriotism and gratitude as Md Momim Ullah Patwary, BP, a veteran Mukti Joddha, recounted his experiences during the 1971 Liberation War. His stirring narrative served as a testament to the unwavering courage and sacrifice of those who fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Md Momim Ullah Patwary, BP expressed profound appreciation for the support rendered by the Indian Armed Forces during the war, emphasizing the indelible bond between the two nations.

The event witnessed an emotional reunion of old comrades from the Liberating Indian Army and Mukti Joddhas, symbolizing the enduring friendship forged in the crucible of war.

Lieutenant General Rana Pratap Kalita, Army Commander, Eastern Command, graced the occasion and extended heartfelt felicitations to the Mukti Joddhas and War Veterans on 52nd Vijay Diwas, acknowledging their pivotal roles in the historic victory. Lieutenant General Rana Pratap Kalita reiterated the significance of preserving the shared history and camaraderie between India and Bangladesh, emphasizing the enduring legacy of the Liberation War and the need to nurture the bilateral relationship.

The reunion between Mukti Joddhas and Indian war veterans stands as a poignant tribute to the sacrifices made and the valor displayed during the 1971 Liberation War. It serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of friendship and cooperation between India and Bangladesh.

Source: Fort William,HQ Eastern Command

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