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An environmental education and awareness program among the childrens, youths and community at Khanamukh

On 17th December of 2023, Sant Nirankari charitable foundation in collaboration with Urban-Khet conduct an environmental education and awareness program among the childrens, youths and community at Satsang Bhawan, Khanamukh, Guwahati attended by 100 participants.

The program was a part of Sant Nirankari charitable foundation & Urban-Khet’s (a non profit) ongoing initiative on environmental education and awareness mission towards environmental sustainability.

The programme started at 1:30pm with a plantation drive in Nirankari Satsang Bhawan premises in the presence of Environmentalist Dr. Hari P.Agarwal president and Er. Rajesh Dutta, secretary of urban khet and other guest Mr. Kishan Bagdi, Assistant Professor of Royal Global University. Mr. Divyajyoti Talukdar, Mukhi of Sant Nirankari Mission with the volunteers and community were the organizers.

A presentation was delivered by Dr. Hari P. Agarwal on “Waste Management” Dr. Agarwal where he highlighted the segregation of municipal waste from the household level to minimize the overall municipal waste. He also talked about segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste at household level. He also mentioned about composting, which can be done at the house level to use further in farming activities.

At this august gathering Er Rajesh Dutta talked about small day to day activities for sustainable and green environment in and around one’s dwelling places. He conducted activities among participants depicting proper segregation process and it usefulness in practical session.

Saints of Sant Nirankari Mission and other members facilitated participants along with guests how the existing wastes inside the premise could be segregated, recycled and scientifically disposed.

The program continued with other participatory activities like art & poster competitions facilitated by Kishan Bagdi. It was further followed by some participatory nature games, the prize distribution ceremony at the end.


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