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Under the aegis of IGAR(South), Assam Rifles conducted a series of impactful initiatives, reflecting its commitment to community welfare in various districts of Manipur.

Observance of Swacchata Pakhwara at Tusom Village, Ukhrul District:

Assam Rifles organized the ‘Observance of Swacchata Pakhwara’ program at Tusom Village, Ukhrul District, from 1 December to 19th December . The campaign witnessed active participation from villagers and Assam Rifles troops, aiming to foster cleanliness, hygiene, and over all improved living conditions. The village authorities and locals appreciated the efforts, pledging to maintain the hygienic living conditions.

Medical Camp and Online CAPF Registration at Phundrei, Thoubal District:

On 19th December 2023, Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), organized a Medical Camp and Online CAPF Registration at Phundrei, Thoubal District. The medical camp served 50 individuals from nearby villages, providing examinations, treatments, and medicines. Additionally, 48 youth registered for CAPF recruitment during the event. The initiative showcased Assam Rifles’ commitment to community well-being, focusing on health education and disease prevention.

Medical Camp at Village T Khongkhai, Churachandpur District:

Continuing efforts to strengthen ties with local communities, Assam Rifles organized a Medical Camp at Village T Khongkhai, Churachandpur District, on 19th December. A total of 107 villagers, including 67 men, 25 women, and 15 children, benefited from the camp. The villagers received medical assistance and were educated about daily precautions for a healthy lifestyle. This initiative aimed to foster mutual trust and ensure a healthy environment in remote villages.

Emergency Medical Assistance in Pherzawl, Churachandpur:

On 19th December, Assam Rifles provided emergency medical assistance to Mr. Immanuel Ruolnaiahlu, an 18-year-old student from Pherzawl. He sustained multiple lacerated injuries in a road accident on NH 202. The medical team at Aina provided necessary first aid and medication to the injured student, showcasing Assam Rifles’ commitment to immediate community support.

These initiatives underscore Assam Rifles’ holistic approach towards community welfare, encompassing health, cleanliness, and emergency assistance.

Source: PRO IGAR(South)

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