• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Indio-Bhutan Friendship Conference Organized at Pandu College

The pivotal role of culture and creativity in advancing human civilization is unequivocal, and India and Bhutan have longstanding close economic and cultural ties. On Thursday, Pandu college in Guwahati hosted the Indio-Bhutan Friendship Conference, organized through a friendship agreement between Pandu college and the India-Bhutan Friendship Association (BIFA). The primary objective was to initiate phased exchange programs in the realms of education and culture.

The program inurugated by principal of Pandu college Dr. Sanchay Jyoti Bara,. In his address, he lauded Bhutan’s contented state and highlighted its pollution-free environment. Apchi Shwebing Darjee, President of the Friendship Association, emphasized the benefits of such exchange programs in his speech, shedding light on Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage.

Dr. Bivas Chandra Das Purkayastha, President of the Pandu Mahavidyalaya Management Association, underscored the significance of cultural exchange programs and the greatness of events organized under the friendship pact. He also touched upon India’s foreign policy in the context of globalization.

The event featured various cultural activities by Pandu college students, including satriya dance, Bhupen Dra music, folk dance, and Bihu dance etc. Students from Bhutan actively participated, showcasing their country’s traditional cultural activities, including folk dance, music, and mask dance.

The Indio-Bhutan Friendship Conference is anticipated to mark a significant stride in fostering collaboration between Bhutan and Pandu College.

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