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In a series of heartwarming initiatives, Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), spread joy and solidarity across Manipur during the festive season.

Skill Development & Sports Items Distribution, Imphal East:

Assam Rifles, as part of its Civic Action Programme, distributed Skill Development and Sports items to Andro Kharam Leikai and Andro Khunuo Leikai villages, Imphal East District, on 24th December. The distribution included sewing machines, grass cutting machines, volleyballs, footballs, and sports gear aimed at promoting skill development and youth engagement, steering them away from the ongoing crisis in Manipur. Locals and Civil Society Organisations commended Assam Rifles for fostering skill development and sports culture.

Christmas Gift Distribution, Imphal East:

On 25th December, Assam Rifles continued its benevolent efforts by distributing gift items at Thayong Baptist Church and Holy Cross Catholic Church in Thayong village, Imphal East District, bringing joy to the community during Christmas celebrations. The Civil Society Organisations and locals expressed appreciation for this thoughtful gesture.

Christmas Gifts and Cakes for Villagers, Chandel district:

Extending the spirit of Christmas, Assam Rifles, under the Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), distributed gifts and cakes for Christmas celebration at Molnom, U Thingkhangphai, Unopat, Khambathel, Thungcheng, Yulbangching, Beru Wankhera and Beru Khudam villages of Chandel district on 25th December 2023. The troops actively participated in various festive programs, fostering a sense of unity and shared joy with the villagers.

Food Distribution at Gamphazol Village, Chandel District:

On the same day, Assam Rifles organized a food distribution for villagers of Gamphazol Village in Chandel District. Demonstrating their commitment as the ‘Friends of the North-East People,’ Assam Rifles provided a sumptuous feast to 97 villagers, including men, women, and children, on the Eastern Indo-Myanmar Border. The locals expressed gratitude for the initiative during challenging times.

Christmas Celebration with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs):

Assam Rifles orchestrated a heartwarming celebration with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Sangaikot village, Churachandpur District, on 25th December 2023. Collaborating with locals, the event featured a special Christmas feast, gifts, and festive treats for children, emphasizing compassion and support during hardships. The celebration underscored Assam Rifles’ dedication to community welfare and resilience.

Assam Rifles troops celebrate Christmas at company operating base: Assam Rifles joyously marked Christmas festivities at company operating bases and battalions, fostering camaraderie and festive spirit. The jubilant celebrations featured heartfelt prayers and soulful hymns, creating a harmonious atmosphere across Tengnoupal and Chandel District. Over a thousand individuals actively participated, contributing to the festive fervour. The occasion was not only an expression of faith but also a testament to the unity within the Assam Rifles community. The resonating joy echoed through the prayers, filling the air with a sense of togetherness. Following the spiritual observances, attendees shared moments of fellowship and goodwill, accompanied by delightful refreshments. The widespread participation exemplifies the strong sense of community and shared joy that permeates the Assam Rifles, fostering bonds that extend beyond professional duties.

In addition to bringing festive cheer, these initiatives showcased Assam Rifles’ commitment to supporting Manipur’s communities, fostering unity, and addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the people.

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