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Kankana Chakrabarty Secures Best Actress award at NEFVTA Film Festival: A Gala of Cinematic Brilliance and Lifetime Achievements

In the NEFVTA Film Festival held in Guwahati, Kankana Chakrabarty emerged as the distinguished recipient of the Best Actress award. The Los Angeles-based Indian actor earned this coveted accolade for her spellbinding performances in the films ‘The Rose Garden’ and ‘Malti.’ Simultaneously, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty claimed the Best Actor title for his notable role in the film ‘Cabbage.’ The duo, having previously shared the screen in ‘Written By’ and ‘Anurup,’ both directed by Kankana Chakravarty, marked a standout presence at the awards ceremony.

Expressing profound gratitude, Kankana Chakrabarty stated, “I am genuinely overwhelmed and honoured by this award. My heartfelt thanks go out to my audiences and directors Nidheya Suresh and Mrunal Mestri for entrusting me with their characters.”

Among the array of additional winners were Akankhya Bhagawati (Best Film), Bhaskar Hazarika (Best Film), Mrunal Mestri (Best Director), Anirudh Baruah (Best Cinematography), Gourav Roy (Best Editing), Sapatrshi Das, Abhijit Gogoi, and Buildingstone Sangriang (Best Sound Engineer). Aabhinav Meher clinched the Best Music award, while Rathindran was honoured with the coveted Jury Award.

The festival, extending its commendations beyond the present, also paid tribute to the lifetime achievements of two industry veterans—Kalyan Day, a renowned light designer and cinematographer, and Dipali Sarma Bardaloi, an accomplished film makeup artist.

The NEFVTA Film Festival not only shone a spotlight on the exceptional talents of Kankana Chakrabarty, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Bhaskar Hazarika, and other notable winners but also underscored the creative contributions of numerous emerging filmmakers and industry veterans alike. Functioning as a pivotal platform to recognize cinematic excellence, the event celebrated the collaborative efforts that breathe life into narratives on the silver screen. Each award bestowed not only acknowledged the recipients’ prowess but also underscored the profound significance of filmmaking in shaping cultural narratives and offering a window into the diverse human experience. The NEFVTA Film Festival, in essence, stands as a powerful testament to the enduring force of storytelling and the unwavering dedication of those pushing the boundaries of cinematic expression.


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