• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

“Asha Bhosle Unveils ‘VOICE OF THE NATION,’ a Book About Lata Mangeshkar’s Life”

In a grand event at her Mumbai residence, the renowned singer Asha Bhosle launched the book “Voice of the Nation,” which narrates the life of Lata Mangeshkar. The book is an English translation of the Assamese book “Asomi Ailoi Pranam,” authored by Devajit Bhuyan. Having been an instant hit with several editions, senior journalist Achyut Kumar Patowary translated the book into English, and its publication was made possible with the assistance of Dhiraj Goswami from Assam Book Hive, a leading publishing house in Guwahati. Assam Book Hive had also published the original Assamese version.

Asha Bhosle, accompanied by Lata Mangeshkar’s sister Usha Mangeshkar, spoke highly of the book, commending its special effort in portraying the story of the “tune empress.” Asha Bhosle fondly recalled the strong connection between Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Lata Mangeshkar, expressing her desire to visit Assam and applauding the book for maintaining the connection between Mangeshkar’s family and Assam.

Discussing Lata Mangeshkar’s impact on Indian music, Asha Bhosle called her “incomparable.” She expressed concern about current music trends and appreciated the book for preserving Lata Didi’s timeless songs.

Despite being 90 years old, Asha Bhosle remains active in her work, crediting the lessons she learned from Lata Didi. She aims to stay relevant and move with the times, valuing the wisdom from her older sister. Usha Mangeshkar, present at Lata Mangeshkar’s home in Prabhukunj, described the book as a witness to history, filled with many untold stories and pictures from Lata Didi’s life. She found it fascinating and wished her sister could see the book. Usha Mangeshkar recognized Lata Mangeshkar’s unique contribution to the Indian music industry, highlighting the lasting impact her sister has had.

Bollywood celebrities Suresh Wadekar and Rupkumar Rathore also praised “VOICE OF THE NATION,” emphasizing the importance of such books in introducing Lata Mangeshkar’s life and talents to younger generations. They expressed gratitude to the author, Devajit Bhuyan, for his exceptional work.
The English version of “VOICE OF THE NATION” is published by Assam Book Hive and will be available at the upcoming Guwahati Book Fair. This marks a significant moment in sharing Lata Mangeshkar’s legacy with a wider audience.


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