• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Bhairabi – Sairang New Line Railway project achieved 91% progress : NFR

Indian Railways is significantly contributing towards transformation of the North-eastern states by executing several new railway line projects. Constructing new railway lines to connect all the state capitals of North-Eastern region is going on under capital connectivity projects.

The Bhairabi – Sairang New Line Railway Project to connect the North-eastern state of Mizoram to the rest of the country is one such project which is at an advance stage of completion. This project once completed will mark the dawn of a new era in terms of communication and commerce, in the North-eastern region of the country especially in Mizoram. The Bhairabi – Sairang project aims to create an additional 51.38 km of railway track in the Mizoram state of Northeast India. The project has already achieved physical progress of 91%.

Construction of the Bhairabi – Sairang railway project involves multiple tunnels and bridges in tough terrains. The total length of tunnels in this project is 12853 meters out of which 12710 meters tunneling works has already been completed. The project will have total 55 major bridges and 87 minor bridges, out of which work for 12 major bridges and 85 minor bridges have been completed so far. The work of construction of the tallest pier of the project i.e Pier P – 4 of bridge no. 196 in the approach of Sairang station has also been completed. Height of this pier is 104 meter which is 42 meter taller than the Qutub Minar. The project also includes 7 Road Over Bridge & 9 Road Under Bridge.

Though there are many challenges in execution of this project like very less working season due to very heavy and prolonged monsoons, very tough and hilly terrain through deep forests, poor accessibility, non-availability of construction materials and skilled labor in Mizoram etc., Northeast Frontier Railway is making all efforts for fulfilling its commitment of earliest commissioning of the project.

The new rail project will provide enhanced connectivity to the people of the Mizoram, help grow small scale industries in the area and boost tourism of the state. People of the region will get long distance access across the country and uninterrupted supply of essential goods at low costs can be done to Mizoram to cater to the needs of the people.


Chief Public Relations Officer of N.F Railway Sabyasachi De shared this in a press release.


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