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In a significant stride towards community welfare and engagement, Assam Rifles, under the guidance of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), recently executed a series of impactful initiatives in Manipur.

Distribution of Fishing Nets to Empower Loktak Lake Communities: On 30 December 2023, Assam Rifles, as part of its Civic Action Programme for the financial year 2023-24, distributed eco-friendly fishing nets to the fishing community residing in Komlakhong, Laphupat Tera, Phoubakchao, Tera Khunou, and Konumla of Bishnupur District. The initiative aimed to enhance fishing practices, promote ecological stability through sustainable fishing, skill development and uplift the economic prospects of the local population.

Recognizing the dependence of the locals around Loktak Lake on fishing for their livelihoods, Assam Rifles conceptualized and completed this project to empower the community. An awareness campaign was also conducted to discourage the use and dumping of plastic waste in Loktak Lake. The local fishing community was educated about the environmental hazards associated with plastic waste, aligning with Assam Rifles’ commitment to ecological sustainability.

Inter Village Volleyball Tournament Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: In an effort to foster community spirit and encourage a healthy lifestyle, Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), organized an Inter Village Volleyball Tournament and distributed sports items at Sangaikot village, Churachandpur District, on 29th December 2023.

Under the theme “Fighting Drugs through Sports,” the initiative spanned from 26 December to 29th December 2023. Ten teams, including six from local villages and four from Special Forces (SF) and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), participated in the tournament. This collaborative effort with local village bodies aimed at inspiring the youth of Sangaikot to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. The event also served as a platform for identifying local talents and motivating them to consider careers in the Indian Army or Assam Rifles. Following the culmination of the tournament, sports items were distributed to the participating teams as a gesture of encouragement.

Timely Medical Assistance to Young Athlete in Chandel District: On 30 December 2023, Assam Rifles provided prompt medical assistance to a 10-year-old resident of Khullen village, Chandel District. The child sustained an injury to his right elbow while playing football. The unit hospital’s medical team administered first aid treatment, including an initial period of immobilization and other necessary treatment was provided to ensure his well-being.

These community-centric initiatives underscore Assam Rifles’ commitment to fostering a positive impact on the lives of the people of Manipur, transcending traditional roles in the service of both security and community well-being.

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