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The Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (South) takes pride in its commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region, fostering collaboration with local communities. In a series of activities with the local population, the pivotal role of community engagement in achieving peace and stability in the region has been amply emphasized given the current situation in the state.

Assam Rifles Conducts A Day With Company Commander:

Assam Rifles conducted “A Day with Company Commander” at Mapum village, Ukhrul District, Manipur on 31st December 2023. Twenty-Eight students, two teachers, and village authorities visited the Assam Rifles Company Operating base at Mapum. The event included motivational lectures, a Spoon Marble Race, a lively musical chair competition, and distribution of prizes. Students and teachers expressed gratitude for organizing recreational activities amid the prevailing unrest and tension in the state.

Assam Rifles Organized Security Meeting And Community Engagement :

Assam Rifles conducted a Security Meeting at Chamol Top, Chandel District, Manipur on 31 Dec 2023. Nineteen CSOs, including representatives from Kuki Student Organisation (KSO), Kana Area Chief Association (KCA), United Zou Organisation (UZO), and Women’s Association, participated. The meeting focused on cooperation, coordination with security forces, public support for maintaining peace, steering youth towards education, and strengthening cooperation amidst the tense security situation in Manipur.

The representatives shared experiences, views, and challenges due to communal violence in the state. Villagers prayed for an early resolution of ongoing violence, promising cooperation for the betterment of the area in regaining peace.

Assam Rifles distributed sweets to tiny tots at Thungcheng, Kambathel, Tokpaching, Unopat, Molnom, Thingkhangphai, and Senam villages of Chandel district, Manipur on 31 Dec 2023. Assam Rifles, known for its dedication to community welfare, extended warmth to the villagers, who expressed gratitude for the force’s efforts in humanitarian aid and being part of their sorrows and celebrations.

From organizing dynamic community events to distributing sweets, Assam Rifles not only ensures security but also actively contributes to the social fabric of Manipur. The expression of gratitude from villagers underscores the profound impact of Assam Rifles’ humanitarian efforts, reinforcing their role as a reliable force that transcends mere security provision to become an integral part of the community.

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