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NCC’s Girls Cadets geared up for Combined Annual Training Camp at NTF, NarangiNCC’s Girls Cadets geared up for Combined Annual Training Camp at NTF, Narangi

The event, spanning 10 days duration, gathered cadets from various institutions across the region to participate in multifaceted training and activities aimed at fostering leadership, teamwork, and civic responsibility among the youth.

A total of 350-375 girls NCC cadets only of 27 schools, colleges, universities of Guwahati and nearby are attending the Camp.

These girls cadets are of 9th class upto 3rd year Graduation students of various institutions in Guwahati and nearby areas. The aim of this camp is to introduce NCC girls cadets to a regimented way of life.

During Camp training endeavor is to give cadets maximum exposure to Range Drill, firing and specialized training with emphasis on community living, discipline, First-aid, character and confidence building. The foundation of the camp was built upon a robust curriculum designed to hone the cadets’ skills in numerous domains. This camp will also be an eligibility criteria for A, B and C certificate Examination.

The opening address was conducted by the Camp Commandant Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma. He asked them to be disciplined, organised and learn the military way of life.

During the period, there will be various competitions like Volleyball, Debate, Painting, Elocution, Firing Competition, Tug War, Drill, Table Drill, Line Area.

Various guest lecture by experts on the topics like Know Your Army, Traffic management, lecture by representatives of NDRF and NEDFi are planned in addition to lectures by Army Officers, Army staff, Associate NCC Officers (ANOs). Moreover,the facilities at NTF, Narangi have been prepared to accommodate the diverse needs of the cadets, ensuring a conducive environment for both learning and Camp activities.

In the days to come, the camp is poised not only to elevate the skill sets of the participating Girls cadets but also to instill in them the values of discipline,
camaraderie, and service, thus preparing them to become the vanguards of a brighter tomorrow. The stage is set for an event that promises to be a catalyst for transformative growth and empowerment among the cadets of the National Cadet Corps.

(Source: Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Rawat, Defence PRO Guwahati)

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