• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Indian Army Contributes to Local Well-Being with Dual Infrastructure Projects in Lakwa Rongagora Namghar, Sivasagar

As part of its ongoing civic outreach program under Operation Sadbhavana, the Indian Army has successfully implemented two transformative projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Lakwa Rongagora Namghar, situated in the Lakwa Village of Sivasagar District, Assam.

Toward improving the sanitation and hygiene standards of the local community the Army constructed a toilet block at Lakwa Rongagora Namghar. Prior to this initiative, the area lacked adequate toilet facilities, adversely affecting the hygiene standards at the Namghar. The project encompasses the construction of various toilet blocks equipped with sufficient water and drainage facilities to ensure proper hygiene standards.

In a parallel endeavour, the Indian Army furthered its commitment for the locals of Lakwa Rongagora Namghar by establishing an Open Air Gym, promoting fitness and overall health. The project includes the installation of various outdoor exercise equipment and allied infrastructure to facilitate physical activity.

Both the facilities were inaugurated on 7th January 2024 and the event was attended by local representatives, including Lakwa Village Sarpanch Shrimati Pranoti Chetia, Lakwa Namghar President Jitumani Nath and Village Head Rana Raj Konwar. The event attracted a crowd of 250 villagers, including children and school attendees.

These dual initiatives underscore the Indian Army’s dedication towards serving the nation by actively contributing to the well-being of its citizens. The establishment of the toilet block and the Open Air Gym reflect a holistic approach toward fostering health, hygiene and community engagement in Lakwa Rongagora Namghar.

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