• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

NCC Cadet Nikhat Parveen clinches Gold medal in National Kickboxing Championship

Nikhat Parveen, a dynamic NCC Cadet from Howrah emerged with flying colours in the National Kickboxing Senior Championship held at New Delhi from 2nd to 6th January 2024. Nikhat, a resilient kickboxing prodigy has won district and state level championship titles culminating in her triumph at the National stage.Commencing her remarkable journey at the age of 7, Nikhat boasts an impressive tally of 75 prizes in diverse competitions. Coming from a middle-class business background, she ardently commits herself to empowering women thus setting a compelling example of determination and self discipline which she has honed in her NCC journey.

She showcased unparalleled resilience, ultimately securing the coveted National Gold medal. Nikhat believes resolutely in empowering women to be independent and stands as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the potential within every individual. She is now set to make her mark in the world championship, symbolizing the spirit of determination and perseverance. An alumnus of T.H. Memorial Urdu High School, Belur, she is currently pursuing her Graduation in Arts at Surendranath College while enrolled with 2 Bengal Battalion of NCC. Believing in gender-neutral sports, she aspires to clinch the World Championship title, aiming to inspire women to break through gender barriers. Nikhat attributes her success in the National-level competition to the inspiration and motivation provided by her Mother, the NCC instructors and her coach.

NCC Directorate of West Bengal & Sikkim intends to honour this proud young achiever and imbibe in other cadets a zeal to excel.

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