• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Empowering Silence: ‘Prabahini’ Takes Center Stage in 5th Chitra Bharati Film Festival Competition

In a noteworthy development for the film industry, the much-acclaimed ‘Prabahini,’ a cinematic exploration of the theme of Women Empowerment, has secured a coveted spot in the competitive lineup of the 5th Chitra Bharati Film Festival. The festival, recognized as the largest of its kind in South East Asia for short films, is scheduled to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of February in Panchkula, Haryana.

Crafted by the creative collaboration of writer Utpal Datta and director Prabal Khaund, ‘Prabahini’ explores into the narrative of a village woman from Assam who defied the constraints of the caste system to embark on a new life with her husband. The film unfolds a gripping tale as life takes an unexpected turn, compelling the protagonist to shoulder the responsibilities of her family while navigating through myriad obstacles. Utpal Datta, a renowned Indian Film Critic and filmmaker, penned the screenplay and story, infusing the project with a distinct vision.

Having premiered at the Chalachitram National Film Festival 23, ‘Prabahini’ captivates audiences as a silent film, relying solely on actions and visuals to convey its powerful narrative. Utpal Datta sheds light on his creative process, revealing that the film is inspired by a real-life character. He shared, “I saw the character, and I penned the story, imagining her life and struggle. This is a silent film. I deliberately planned that only actions and visuals will narrate the story. I also thought of creating each scene in a single shot. Director Prabal Khaund visualized my thoughts with sensitivity and expertise.”

Prabal Khaund, a notable figure in cultural journalism and audio-video content creation, transitioned seamlessly from his debut feature film ‘Pai-Tang’ to helm this compelling short film. Reflecting on the challenges posed by ‘Prabahini,’ Khaund explained, “This short film was a challenge for me. This film has no dialogue; each and every shot will have to complete in one shot each, and camera movement will be complicated to capture the various aspects of a scene.”

He continued, “As the film is a silent film, music plays a strong role in the film. Soumya Rit, a musician from Kolkata, who has already worked on many prestigious feature films, has scored music for my film. I am also thankful to my producer couple for the trust they kept on me.”

While ‘Pai-Tang,’ Khaund’s debut feature, has already made its mark in various international film festivals, ‘Prabahini’ further showcases his prowess in storytelling and filmmaking. Currently, Director Prabal Khaund is immersed in collaboration with Utpal Datta, designing a unique web series, promising more innovative and impactful content in the future.

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