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Our beloved Ram is everyone’s Ram but Ram is for righteous people not for sinners

ByAmit Mukherjee

Jan 22, 2024 #Lord Ram

” The establishment of life” ceremony of lordRam is happening today,22ndJanuary.

The specialty of this inauguration is that the temple of lord Ram of Treta yuga is being inaugurated by the people of Kali yuga, who give more importance to wealthy people without judging who is sinner, who is righteous.

Many celebrities of sports world and flim industry are invited in the ceremony, by inviting these sinners in a holy ceremony, the government is desecrating the temple of lord Ram.
These celebrities have nothing to do with religion, so what is the use of these celebrities in lord ram’s temple?

The people of this flim industry spread nudity in the society the most . The secret parties of these people are filled with drugs.

Lord Ram fought a battle across the sea to get his wife back and the actors of the flim industry change wives and husbands like window curtains.

If lord Ram is watching from heaven then he must be thinking that at the inauguration of my temple those people have been invited who amuse people ‘s heart for money.

I abandoned all the pleasures of wealth and spent 14 years in exile and how much importance do wealthy people have in the society of kalyug ?

Perhaps even Lord Ram is also having problem in identifying these celebrities, who are these celebrities actually, they also play sports, also act,also sell things like toilet cleaners, sanitary napkins, shoes on Television, through newspaper and banners, also give advice for gambling, also strips girls naked through casting couch .

Lord Ram must also be thinking that due to poverty the poors do not get clothes to cover their bodies but why do wealthy celebrities roam around semi naked.

Lord Ram, when I was on earth, the people of my city used to work hard to earn money, but what work do these people do ?

Someone else’s wife kisses another man on screen, sucks each other’s lips as if both of them are searching for their tongues in each other ‘s mouth.

Surely these are the people who earn money by selling shyness and decency .
Neither these people have respect for age nor for relation. Daughter half naked in front of father, mother’s half breast exposed in front of son.

People wait for time, wait for crops to ripen, wait for happiness in sorrow but these celebrities wait to know who will leave his wife, who will leave her husband so that I can catch.

Most celebrities work against religion. These people encourage homosexuality the most .

There are some celebrities who were not born rich,earlier used to bathe with bucket water,now in swimming pool.

Those who forget their real identity because of money will become devotees of lord Ram. Those who seek happiness in money and luxury will become devotees of lord Ram. Those who forget the difference between nakedness and decency will become devotees of lord Ram.

(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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