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Swachhagrahis from Assam invited as special guests to witness the Republic Day Parade

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Jan 25, 2024 #Assam

In honour of India’s 75th Republic Day, a select group of dedicated Swachhagrahis, champions of cleanliness and sanitation, from Assam have been invited as special guests to witness the Republic Day Parade at Kartavya Path, New Delhi.


These exemplary individuals, who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions under the Swachha Bharat Mission (Grameen) Phase-II, hail from diverse fields and have tirelessly worked towards the proper implementation of sanitation initiatives. The government, in its commitment to acknowledging their efforts, plans to honour these Swachhagrahis by inviting them to witness the Republic Day Celebration.

Among the distinguished invitees is  Padumi Kalita, a resident of Karia village in the district of Nalbari, Assam. Since 2019, Padumi has played a crucial role as a Swachhagrahi, actively engaging with the community to promote the construction and maintenance of functional toilets. Her efforts extend beyond sanitation, encompassing awareness programs on menstrual hygiene, waste management and support for state-level initiatives.

Ilora Deka, another active Swachhagrahi from Nalbari District, has significantly contributed to the Swachh Bharat Mission Phase II since 2019. Noteworthy achievements include fostering awareness on solid and liquid waste management, actively participating in Swachhata Hi Sewa (SHS) programs and advocating for the construction of Mini MCFs in her locality.

Tulshi Chetry, recognized for her exemplary role in Purani Pukhuri Gram Panchayat, has transformed waste management practices and instilled a culture of cleanliness and sustainability. Her comprehensive approach involves awareness campaigns, community engagement and collaboration with local authorities to implement efficient waste collection and disposal systems.

Manjali Kumar, a commendable Swachhagrahi in Dimaruguri Gram Panchayat has made a transformative impact on her local community by promoting responsible waste disposal practices. Through awareness campaigns, she actively involves residents in the proper segregation and disposal of solid waste.

Doli Neog, an accomplished Swachhagrahi in Kakapathar Gram Panchayat, has dedicated herself to raising awareness about the construction of sanitary toilets. Her efforts go beyond awareness campaigns, as she actively assists community members in navigating government schemes, particularly the Individual Household Latrine (IHHL) initiative.

Apart from Swachhagrahis, people from multiple fields such as agriculture, yoga, women achievers, beneficiaries from PM Viswakarma are also being invited as special guests for the Republic Day.

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