• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Indian Army Reaches out to the People in Remote Chug Valley of Arunachal Pradesh

Indian Army conducted an Oral Screening Camp for the civilians of Champa Basti of Chug Valley in Arunachal Pradesh on 31st January with an aim to promote oral health awareness and oral health assessment of the civilians located at the remote corners of the nation for whom basic dental care facilities are not available in vicinity.

A total of 27 civilians including women and children were screened during the camp out of which 17 civilians were referred to the Dental Section of Army’s hospital at Senge for interventional management. Medicines and oral hygiene aids were distributed and proper brushing and flossing techniques were also demonstrated.

This noble gesture of Indian Army away from any limelight at the remote corners of the nation reinforces it’s commitment to the well being of locals and goes on to show how Indian Army values and fosters it’s relations with the civilians in Border regions.

Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Rawat PRO Defence Guwahati stated this in a release.

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