• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Rail Coach Restaurant opened at Guwahati Railway Station Indulge in a culinary journey on wheels

For providing a unique dining ambience to the passengers, N. F. Railway has been opening Rail Coach Restaurants at its major stations and points. A novel dining experience has pulled into Guwahati Station with the launch of the Rail Coach Restaurant. This initiative is capturing the attention of travellers seeking a unique culinary encounter.

Decked up with paintings, warm lights and comfortable seats, the newly operational coach restaurant at Guwahati station will relish regional flavours and other Indian delights too. Equipped with state-of-art infrastructure the new coach restaurant promises to provide a unique ambience for the food lovers. People can enjoy with family and friends to have ecstatic feeling while getting experience of dining in train coach. There will be facilities to buy foods, snacks and beverages at the coach restaurant.

As of now 14 coach restaurants are operational in the entire N. F. Railway. 62 locations over N. F. Railway have been selected for introducing of such coach restaurants.

Guwahati Railway Station, is one of the most important stations of Northeast. This coach restaurant aims to cater to the needs of passengers and the public apart from generating non-fare revenue for railways. This initiative of N. F. Railway is also expected to create employment for both skilled and unskilled workers.

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