• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

BADLURAM KA BADAN” by Assam Regiment added extra mileage to the Investiture ceremony of Eastern Command at Bengdubi Military Station

Badluram ka Badan” (“Badluram’s Body”) is the regimental song of the Assam Regiment of the Indian Army. Major M. T. Proktor created the song in honour of Rifleman Badluram, a soldier of the Assam Regiment of the British Indian Army who died while fighting against the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. After Badluram’s death, the quartermaster did not remove his name from the rations roster and the company continued to draw rations in Badluram’s name.


This extra ration helped the company survive through a siege when Japanese troops surrounded them during the Battle of Kohima and supplies were cut. Accordingly, the song was composed in Badluram’s honour with the lyrics “We get rations because Badluram’s body is buried beneath”.

Story: Pratyusha Mukherjee, Bengdubi

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