• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Tezpur University Celebrates International Mother Language Day

In order to respect the spirit of Mother Language, Tezpur University joins the rest of the world to celebrate International Mother Language Day today.

To observe this momentous day, Department of Assamese and Hindi organised a day long event at the Council Hall of the University.Dr Ananda Bormudoi, noted Assamese writer and former Head, Dept. of English, Dibrugarh University and Dr Joram Yalam Nabam, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh graced the occasion and delivered insightful lectures. Prof Shambhu Nath Singh, Vice Chancellor, Tezpur University delivered the inaugural address of the programme.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Shambhu Nath Singh highlighted the challenge of cultural diversity & pluralism in the age of globalization. Singh elaborated that it is only in Democracy it is possible to coexist pluralism and cultural diversity. He further said that one should not impose any language on others; but maintain respect towards all languages & cultures. Speaking on the growing influence of English in India, the Vice Chancellor said that English should be seen as window of knowledge. However, one should develop their language by putting extra efforts by creating good literature and knowledge base.

Delivering his lecture, Dr Ananda Bormudoi said that mother language plays a crucial role in shaping and nurturing an individual’s holistic personality. It provides a deep connection to one’s cultural and familial roots, Prof Bormudoi said. He further added that Language is not just a tool for communication but it is one’s identity. Language is intertwined with cultural values and traditions and therefore the mother language is crucial in developing a holistic and well-rounded personality.
Echoing what Prof Bormudoi said, Dr Joram Yalam Nabam said that preserving tribal languages is crucial for the cultural and linguistic diversity as these languages carry traditional knowledge and unique customs. She said that preserving tribal languages goes beyond safeguarding words as it is about preserving identity and connection to the land.

During the occasion, Dept. of Assamese also launched their e-magazine “Kisholoy” and a book “Xorise Xorok Akou Fulibo” written by Luit Kiran Das, a student of Dept. of Assamese was released.

Apart from student and faculty members of both the departments, Prof Farheena Danta, Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences, Dr Juri Dutta, Head, Dept. of Assamese and Dr. Promod Meena, Head, Dept. of Hindi were also present on the occasion.


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