• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs: The 48 Assam Naval Unit NCC Hosts Women’s Empowerment Initiative

The 48 Assam Naval Unit NCC, Guwahati, is proud to announce its Social Service and Community Development (SSCD) initiative geared towards empowering young female cadets. Under the theme of “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Forging Paths and Shaping Economics,” the program is scheduled from February 21st to 28th, 2024.

The opening ceremony, inaugurated on February 21st, witnessed enthusiastic participation from approximately 100 NCC girl cadets. The event aims to provide a platform for these young women to explore diverse career avenues, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, skill development, and initiatives aligned with women’s empowerment.

Distinguished representatives from various esteemed organizations lent their expertise to the initiative. Notable contributors included the North Eastern Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation (NEHHDC), the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), ACCESS Development Services, and Sishu Sarathi. These organizations provided invaluable support by offering lectures and grooming sessions, aiming to equip the cadets with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape successfully.

Furthermore, the participating organizations have generously offered hands-on experience through field visits to their respective institutes in Guwahati over the course of seven days. This immersive approach ensures that the cadets gain practical insights and exposure to real-world entrepreneurial environments.

The grooming and mentoring of these cadets will extend beyond the duration of the event, with continued support and guidance provided throughout the year. Regular visits by the cadets, organized in batches, will further reinforce their entrepreneurial aspirations and skills development.

Surg Vice Admiral Arti Sarin, AVSM, VSM, DGMS (Navy), graced the opening event as the guest of honor. The Admiral commended the efforts of the 48 Assam Naval Unit in spearheading this women empowerment initiative, highlighting its significance in fostering a culture of inclusivity and entrepreneurship. Addressing the young cadets, Admiral Sarin emphasized the importance of financial independence as a cornerstone of empowerment, urging them to aspire towards self-reliance and autonomy in their pursuits.

Defence PRO Guwahati, Lt. Col.MS Rawat stated this.

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